Krister Jonsson

You know...

...maintaining a website doesn't seem to happen for me right now.

However, other things do:

New CD with Almaz Yebio has gotten a warm welcome, and a new record with my old band with a new name - Krister Jonsson Deluxe - will arrive shortly.

It will be released by and available at danish Stunt Records.

Other than the projects mentioned above (and below), I'm currently working with

Viktoria Tolstoy, Hanne Boel, Bo Stief, Maria Raducanu, Linda Pettersson and others.

For inquiries, please contact me at hello (at) kristerjonsson (dot) net

Thanks for now, be well and remember to floss regularly. Peace! /Krister

Krister Jonsson Trio +

Svante Henryson +

Tromsø Kammerorkester

This was fun! Music from the 2004 release "Waiting for Atonesjka" (Kopasetic Productions) , arranged for string orchestra and the band.

Barentsjazz, Tromsø, november 15, 2012.

More info at


The concert went really well, and future similar collaborations is being planned for.

Marilyn Mazur Group

Marilyn at her best with her intimate Scandinavian musical family. Marilyn Mazur Group has existed for several years and released their first double album "Tangled Temptations & The Magic Box" in December 2010. Booking

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